Projects Division focuses on providing solutions to military, civil and homeland security customers. The team members have strong track records and experience in specialized fields such as naval and maritime operations, underwater sensors, air and land systems, communication, data links and network security.

What We Do

Agency Sales

Proactive sales representation and opening new markets. Bringing the right solution to meet the most demanding requirements is what we do.

Backed by decades of operational and acquisition experience, the sales team supports sellers on strategic forecast, campaign and marketing program planning, meeting customers, proposal preparation, contracting and logistics planning. 

Key Customers



Covering Sea, Air and Land in Defence & Security, our team of sales professionals speak the operational language of our end-user customers and procurement authority. We are unequalled in the expertise to strategize, plan and execute sales & marketing strategies to capture programs for our principals and partners.


    For over 20 years, we have supplied a wide range of OEM parts, managed urgent repairs and remanufactured mission critical systems and components. With our dedicated sustainment specialists, we can quickly provide a quote and recommendations for repair, refurbishment, or other services and solutions. 

    We manage a network of suppliers and optimise our processes to keep pace with the tempo of user operations. Miltrade is the authorised dealer for the following:

    • Defence and Security
      • Atlas Aerospace - Aircraft key accessory components repair and overhaul
      • Raytheon - Multi-Spectral Targeting System Maintenance and Spares Support
      • RENK America - Vehicle engines and transmissions
    • Commercial

    Customised Solutions

    We provide customized solutions using leading edge technologies to protect and support commander's decision making processes in Land, Air, and Sea ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) acquisition to achieve mission success. 

    Network Security - Protecting human lives for safety and security, our team implements and fields Information and Communications Technology (ICT) configurations designed to protect the integrity, confidentiality and accessibility of computer networks and data.

    Sense-Making - Harness technologies to support sense-making and surveillance for homeland and border security applications.

    Wireless Ad Hoc Network - Integrating and deploying wireless private network for law enforcement, unmanned platforms (USVs, UGVs, and drones), and in harsh environments as the vital link from sensors at the edge of the Command Center.

    Imaging Sensors - The power to see the unseen with MTech thermal cameras. Producing and distributing customised thermal cameras (LWIR, MWIR, SWIR) for marine, public safety, and security applications.


      A Miltrade Technologies brand of Thermal cameras since 2003


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