Miltrade Honours Staff's 10 Years of Contribution

Since 1993, Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd has been creating value for our customers through our innovative solutions and technical expertise.

Recently, Miltrade recognized several staff for their 10 years of contributions to the company, namely Jesson Teo, William Neo, Rofino Lim, Farren Toh, Cai Yikun, and Amy Wong. They have constantly gone above and beyond for their respective customers, and Miltrade is proud to have them on the team.

"I want to congratulate everyone who's going to receive this 10-year award," said Richard Yong, CEO of Miltrade Technologies. "I believe that to learn anything seriously and do something really good, it takes about 10 years. And so, to spend 10 years with Miltrade, that tells me something very clearly, that there is a lot of loyalty and belief in what we do."

Jesson Teo

Jesson joined the company in 2012 as a Senior Service Engineer working on the maintenance, repair, and upgrading of the Landing Aid System (ASIST). For the last few years, he has been providing engineering consultancy to other MRO teams.

He remains passionate in his primary role and is looking forward to expanding his job scope to grow with the company in the many years ahead.

William Neo

William joined the company in 2012 as a Service Engineer, working on projects such as the Mobile Gunnery Target System and GPS system. For the last few years, he has been part of the team providing technical support to DSO sea trials.

William says that he has been with Miltrade through its many ups and downs over the years and is looking forward to new challenges. He is always learning and enjoyed his time in Miltrade.

Rofino Lim

Rofino joined the company in 2012 as a Service Engineer working on naval remote weapon stations. Beside managing the delivery schedule, he’s involved in the installation, troubleshooting, and repair of the system. Due to his excellent performance the last few years, Rofino has since been promoted to senior service engineer.

Rofino enjoyed his time in Miltrade and is appreciative of his with excellent colleagues and bosses.

Farren Toh

Farren joined the company in 2012 as a Service Engineer managing the underwater sonar system overhaul. Her work involved interacting with customers to coordinate schedules, as well as managing project suppliers.

Farren is grateful for the opportunity to work on other systems outside of managing the sonar system overhaul program. She looks forward to contributing to the best of her abilities.

Cai Yikun

Yikun joined back in 2012 as Purchasing & Admin Executive. Over the past 10 years, Yikun has excelled in supporting the Finance department, and he continues to provide integral support to both Management and Project Leaders on operational finance matters.

Yikun notes with pride that his 10 years with Miltrade is the longest he's been with a single company. He enjoys the friendly environment, and his colleagues has been helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable.

Amy Wong

Amy joined Miltrade in 2012 as a Customer and Sales Support Executive. She provides logistics support for the MROS Division which includes shipping, sourcing, and purchasing. In addition, Amy is also integral in managing stock inventory for the company, with her diligence always ensuring spares are adequate and available.

Amy says she has enjoyed working at Miltrade and likens it to working with family members.


"Today, the recognition of our 10-year award recipients marks an important milestone in their respective careers" said Richard, "this shows loyalty, innovation, and the belief in our company's mission".

Founded in Singapore in 1993, Miltrade Technologies has its roots in the military, supporting sea, air, and land operations and logistics. Our technical specialists and distinguished sales team form an unrivalled and highly skilled company where 70% of our employees are technical and service support staff.

Miltrade Technologies excels thanks to employees like Jesson Teo, William Neo, Rofino Lim, Farren Toh, Cai Yikun, and Amy Wong, who embody the Miltrade Service Mantra and whose dedication and expertise over the past decade have allowed the company to thrive and succeed.