STADT Singapore Opens – Electric Propulsion Ready for Maritime Zero Emission

On 17 March 2022, Innovation Norway (IN) hosted the Opening and Signing Ceremony of STADT Singapore, at an event held in their new Tech-Lab co-located at the Norwegian Embassy in Singapore.  The collaboration document was signed by Hallvard L. Slettevoll and Richard Yong, the respective CEOs of STADT AS and Miltrade Technologies, and witnessed by the Guest-of-Honour, Norway's Ambassador to Singapore, H.E. Eivind S. Homme. 

Director Paul Kastmann of IN welcomed the STADT establishment in Singapore and looked forward to continuing the long and close collaboration with STADT.  Representatives from DNV, Maritime Port Authority of Singapore and representatives from the Singapore maritime industry were present at the opening ceremony.

In his welcome speech Ambassador Homme, with his background as an officer in the Norwegian Navy, highlighted the long history of cooperation between Norway and Singapore in the Maritime Sector.  The Ambassador also observed the growing trend of electrification in naval vessels, due to both environmental considerations and the fact that new shipboard systems require increased amounts of electrical power.

STADT's CEO Hallvard L. Slettevoll, took the time to emphasize the enthusiasm of the Singapore market in their reception to STADT’s technology.  Existing Singaporean customers of STADT’s Lean Propulsion® technology reaffirmed the hallmarks of the technology’s high levels of efficiency and reliability when operating the system in their vessels over the past years. 

“We would leverage on Singapore government’s active role in championing several initiatives in accelerating de-carbonisation and clean energy adoption specifically for the maritime sector,” said Miltrade's CEO Richard Yong.  In his speech, Yong also explained that STADT Singapore will focus on sales, sustainment and service support to shipbuilders, designers, ship owners including fleet operators in Singapore and soon, in the region.  “The market demand is increasing,” he added, “and the opening of STADT Singapore is timely”.  “Singapore’s MPA announced last week its maritime de-carbonisation blueprint: a target for port terminals to have 60% reduction in absolute emissions from its 2005 levels by 2030, and net zero emissions by 2050,” Yong pointed out.  “By 2050, 50% of Singapore Registered ships in the fleet are to be green ships”.

“In our main market space of defence, the Defence Minister of Singapore announced in last year’s Singapore Armed Forces budget to cut emissions growth by two-thirds by 2030, and the green initiatives are all part of MINDEF’s efforts to align itself with the Government’s Singapore Green Plan 2030,” Yong pointed out.

In addition, Yong brought up the advantages that Miltrade brings to STADT Singapore, which include a highly qualified workforce, in-house capabilities for maintenance repair, overhaul, and testing at a 20,000 square feet facility located at Changi North.  The leadership of both companies reaffirmed that STADT Singapore, a STADT-Miltrade partnership, will be STADT’s first responder to enquiries and aftersales in Singapore and the region.

In his closing remarks, Yong thanked the Norwegian government trade office, Innovation Norway, for their assistance in building this partnership.  “We have high hopes that this center (STADT Singapore) will enable us to play an active role and be in the forefront of maritime technology in clean energy,” he said, “We look forward to the success of STADT Singapore, and to a happy and prosperous relationship with STADT in the years ahead.”

As part of the inauguration of STADT Singapore, a seminar on Lean Propulsion® technology for invited guests was held, where various highly efficient and reliable electric propulsion designs both for civilian and naval ships were presented.  A key highlight of the seminar was digitalized automation eradicating electrical noise both within the ship and underwater, showcasing the stealth characteristic of STADT's Lean Propulsion®.  It is further proven through recent tests performed by the Norwegian Navy.


STADT AS is a Norwegian enterprise specializing in integrated electric propulsion systems for medium and large size vessels.  With over 35 years of experience in developing optimal maritime propulsion solutions, STADT AS creates propulsion excellence as they work towards the goal of zero-emission shipping.  STADT AS owns and offers a patented technology for electric ship propulsion, the STADT Lean Propulsion® Technology.

About Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd

Incorporated in Singapore since 1993, Miltrade Technologies has its roots in military operations and logistics.  Whether it’s at Sea, Air, or Land, our technical specialists are highly skilled across all domains and key disciplines. Our mission is to develop our people and create value for our customers through our products and services in order to improve safety, enhance capability, and ensure reliability, while remaining cost effective by leveraging on technology and innovative solutions.