Service Extension For Network Infrastructure and Security Configuration

Miltrade received a service extension from a leading System Integrator in Singapore for network security configuration at a data center.  This follow-on service bears testament to the confidence in Miltrade’s competence in setting up and configuring network infrastructure to comply with the stringent cybersecurity requirements.

Head of Integrated Solutions, Niki Tham highlighted “The threat of malicious attacks on centralized servers in Command & Control Centers are real and present.  Attackers are relentlessly looking for compromised and poorly configured systems, and set up communication links known as botnets to target the entire network.  The goal of our work is to reduce the exposure of such networks to these cyber risks.”

Miltrade service package can be customized to include regular reviews of cyber security hygiene, network connections and operational dependencies to ensure compliance with the cyber security requirements.

Information on the services provided can be found here.