Rolls Royce Canada Selects Miltrade for L&RS In-Country Support


Rolls-Royce Canada (RRCL), a major subcontractor of L3Harris on the navy Active Low Frequency Towed Sonar (ALOFTS), selects Miltrade Technologies as the in-country service center to support refurbishment of Launch & Recovery System (L&RS) for the navy. 

More than a decade ago, Miltrade started off as a project coordinator for L3Harris on the L&RS overhaul program, and today’s achievement is testament to the trust and confidence of the Rolls-Royce and navy end-user in the company’s maintenance and repair capability.  Program Manager Ronnie Lye and Lead Engineer Farren Toh, who pioneered the entire effort in 2010 are instrumental in achieving this milestone. 

“We are focused on continuous improvements in our services to the customer on quality workmanship, responsiveness and overall reduction in repair Turn-Around-Time (TAT),” said Ronnie Lye.  With Rolls-Royce's support and trust, the team improves the overall efficiency of the overhaul maintenance process through tapping into niche capabilities of in-country partners.  “It’s an innovative way of developing local capabilities especially during times like these in which worldwide supply chains are severely disrupted by the pandemic,” added Ronnie Lye. 

This initiative contributed significantly to improvements in the following areas:  

  • Reduced Maintenance Cost – significant annual savings in maintaining L&RS.
  • Faster TAT – In-house maintenance capability reduced TAT by at least 25% from shipping back to OEM.  
  • System Readiness – The in-country technical support capability also results in higher operational readiness of the Fleet L&RS.

“We are pleased with the outcome in responding to demanding conditions and changing needs over the years," said Wellman Wan President of Miltrade Technologies.  "This is possible because of the unwavering support from our OEM partners, L3Harris and RRCL.  We have translated it to customer benefits in being responsive, reliable and workmanship excellence.”