Miltrade Delivers CRAD Security & Surveillance Electro-Optics

Miltrade successfully completed delivery of its MTech CRAD-80 and CRAD-0 to a significant international Systems Integrator who has its regional R&D Centre in Singapore.  The CRAD-80 and CRAD-0 were specifically tuned for use as part of a counter-drone defence system.  The delivery of the CRADs resulted in continuing R&D collaboration work to enhance the sensor-to-emitter integration.

CRAD80 is equipped with uncooled LWIR camera and 3.2MP low-light camera

“It was very satisfying for the team to achieve these milestones despite the multiple waves of COVID-19, which severely disrupted the supply chain and workflows," said Technical Director, Timothy Tang. "The engineers worked tirelessly to resolve challenges at many fronts.  Ultimately, the reward was to see that the customer’s expectations were met”.

The CRAD series of electro-optics are designed and developed to be robust and yet affordable thermal/low light camera system for parameter surveillance. Responding to security threats posed by cheap and off-the-shelf drones, customers are demanding for long-range and high-performance electro-optic systems, such as the CRAD, at an affordable price. The CRAD is Miltrade’s answer to the demand.

CRAD-0 comes with 3.2MP low-light camera, IR illuminator, and optional external mount

A range of sensor options are also available for the CRAD and the system can be configured with an external mount, where the additional sensor or emitter can remain bore-sighted with the electro-optics at all times. In the pipeline is a new capability for remote control and live video streaming.

Niki Tham, Head of Integrated Solutions, added “We are excited about the potential for us to add network capabilities to CRAD and complete our suite of surveillance solutions from sensor to C2, where its network capabilities would enable us to remotely control the sensor and to receive ‘live’ video streams from remote locations”.