AFV Transmission Hydraulic Steering Units Remanufactured

Miltrade Technologies delivered remanufactured Hydraulic Steering Units (HSU) for a fleet of Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV) in December 2021.  It is the first of several batches of HSU to undergo remanufacturing by the OEM of the transmission scheduled for delivery through mid 2023.

The HSU is a critical component of the transmission for the army’s tracked AFV.  Miltrade embarked on a program with the OEM, RENK America, to remanufacture the HSU in 2020.  “Discussions with the customer started in 2019," said Miltrade's Head of Sustainment, Mr Wan Chee Kong. "We had to assure the customer and the users that the quality would be the same as newly manufactured HSU, as the remanufacturing is performed by the OEM following the original specifications.  We are happy that we have delivered what we promised, on time and to expectations.  The two top benefits to users are significant cost savings and reduction in lead time compared to buying a brand new HSU”. 

During the remanufacturing process, HSUs are fully disassembled, inspected and evaluated.  Hardware that meets strict and specific OEM criteria are reused, otherwise they will be replaced.  Remanufactured units are equivalent in quality, reliability, and performance with newly manufactured units.  Defective HSUs were previously scrapped. “Due to the success of this HSU remanufacture initiative, we have replicated this proven model to the Integrated Assembly (IA), which is the like the ‘brain’ of the transmission” said Chee Kong.

Miltrade represents RENK America in Singapore providing OEM parts, repair and overhaul services, technical consultancy and customized service solutions to extend service life of its vehicle transmissions.