TRACE Certification

TRACE has successfully completed a TRACEcertification due diligence review of Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd.  TRACE has issued Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd a certificate signifying that the company has completed internationally accepted due diligence procedures and has been forthcoming and cooperative during the review process.  TRACEcertification underscores Miltrade Technologies Pte Ltd’s commitment to transparency in international commercial transactions.

Mitrade Secures Multiple Contracts In 4Q 2015

Services Division

Miltrade's Services Division has been awarded more than USD150,000 in contracts primarily from commercial customers.


MRO Division

Miltrade's MRO Division has been awarded more than USD 1,160,000 in contracts primarily from non commercial customers.


Projects Division

Miltrade's Project Divsion has been awarded more than USD 130,000 in contracts primarily from non commercial customers.

Standard Chartered Marathon

Three members of the Miltrade family took part in the 2015 Standard Chartered Marathon, with all 3 running in the Full Marathon category. Overcoming various mental, physical, and environmental challenges, COO Richard Yong, and Service Engineers Joseph Neng and Joey Choy, completed their runs before the cut off time.


Richard, a veteran of several marathons including 100km Ultra Marathon challenges, completed his run within a very impressive 4hr 45min.


Despite pain on his left leg as well as the scorching late morning sun, Joey showed resilience and a never-say-die attitude to limp home in 6hr 30mins.


Joseph took part in this Marathon with girlfriend Lily. With Lily also suffering pain to her legs, Joseph demonstrated his love for her by hanging on by her throughout the rest of the run. The lovely couple eventually finished the run in 8hrs, crossing the line hand in hand.


Miltrade congratulate all on their fantastic achievement!


Miltrade Secured Multiple Contracts

MRO - 3Q

In 3Q 2015, Miltrade's MRO Division secured contracts amounting to USD35,000.00 for both naval and aviation customers.


In 3Q 2015, Miltrade's Project Division secured contracts amounting to USD290,053.00 for both military and aviation customers.


in 3Q 2015, Miltrade's Services Division secured contracts amounting to USD130,318.00 for commercial and military customers.

AS9100 QMS 1st Surveillance Audit 2015

“Miltrade Technologies is proud to announce that at the recent third party AS9100 surveillance audit conducted by Certification Body Intertek, there were no observations or findings detected during the inspections.  We will continue to further improve the effectiveness of the organisation QMS and prepare well to achieve the same result for the 2nd surveillance audit in 2016”.

MTech awarded contract for supply of boresighting systems

MTech Imaging Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of Miltrade Technologies, was awarded a contract exceeding USD 20,000.00 to supply boresight kits.