Miltrade Launches Next Generation Small Lightweight Optical System at IMDEX 2011

Miltrade Launches Next Generation Small Lightweight Optical System at IMDEX 2011SLOS (Small Lightweight Optical System) is a new generation optical system that was launched at IMDEX 2011.

It is a three-axis high performance Electro-Optical system with unprecedented motion bandwidth. SLOS is smaller and lighter than most conventional pan-tilt or gimbaled system EO systems in the market, but still capable of all operational functionalities. It is a highly robust and ruggedized system.

The sensors, drive components and control electronics remain stationary; residing underneath an aluminium housing platform. Protection from physical damage, dust, water & other environmental contaminants is achieved up to IP 65 standards, with an option to achieve IP 67 and MILSPEC standards.

With its incredible slew rate and extreme high rate of acceleration, it allows inertial stabilization of sensor FOV on any mobile platform and tracking of objects.

The other features of SLOS include:

  • Reliability - Low mechanical stress operation, continuous operation at high levels of performance. SLOS is both highly reliable and low in maintenance resulting in a low cost of ownership.
  • Size and Weight - Smaller and lighter than alternative technologies suitable for both maritime and land application.
  • Customized Solution - the SLOS system can be integrated with most day and night cameras for both uncooled and cooled systems.
  • Signal Path - Any path may be configured to accommodate the aperture, positioning and divergence of nearly any sensor.

SLOS can be fitted onboard any platform. With its lightweight construction and small footprint, SLOS can be placed at high altitude without affecting the central of gravity of the platform or place additional weight on the platform than required. 

Depending on the hardware configuration, SLOS can be made portable to be used on various platforms.

SLOS Version 1.0 is a 340 x 340 pixels Thermal IR Imager with operation console. Other versions are available to suit customer requests depending on requirements. The ability to customize SLOS to meet customers' requirements reflects the flexibility of the system. SLOS is protected against obsolescence due to the ‘simplicity’ of the system and with ongoing development to further improve overall system capabilities.